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Meet The Team


Julianne and Geoerl Niles
Julianne and Geoerl are Sr. Leaders at The Calling Church in Vancouver WA. They are founding members of The Bethel Leaders Network, and are heavily involved in their community. The heart of their ministry revolves around Restoration and Identity.


Mindy and Travis Mason

Mindy and Travis are the Sr. Leaders of Heritage Ministries in Tishomingo OK. 

A community of faith-filled, passionate and on fire believers with the sole purpose of bringing Heaven to Earth and advancing the Kingdom of God!


Donna and Ralph Ray
Donna and Ralph are Sr. Leaders with Catch the Wind Ministries in Nome AK. and San Juan PR.CTW spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ as the Savior, and Redeemer of humanity by preaching, teaching, feeding, clothing, and training the people.

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